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Same Day Shipping
Southern California Logistics offers one of the most competitive rates for same day delivery. Our low prices even include having your package picked up by one of our dependable drivers, allowing you to better utilize your time. Whether you are shipping in high volumes for a business or smaller packages with less frequency, you can count on Southern California Logistics to deliver your products when promised, incident free. Just pick up the phone or enter your information online, sit back, and let us take care of the rest.
Next Day Shipping
Southern California Logistics also caters to individuals that prefer next day delivery. In today's economy, when every dollar counts, Southern California Logistics vows to handle all of your next day delivery needs in the same manner as our same day deliveries, for less money, pickup included.

SCL Logistics Working
Same Day & Next Day Shipping Arrows Dedicated Logistics Arrows Distribution Services Arrows Warehousing
Dedicated Logistics
Southern California Logistics prides itself for our professionalism and attention to detail and we demand nothing less from our team members. You can be confident in knowing that your dedicated logistical needs are addressed in the most efficient manner possible. We will provide trained backup drivers to prevent those unforeseen problems. We utilize a fleet of cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks and semi-trailers to meet every need. Avoid unnecessary complications from managing your own fleet by allowing SCL to provide your company’s logistical needs. You can eliminate vehicle expenses, liability, and employee overhead and concentrate on expanding your company and increasing your bottom line.
Distribution Services
SCL’s successful logistic network strategy allows our customers to increase profitability and focus on their core business. We make fact based strategic decisions for optimizing your logistics and distribution needs by applying logic and experience. Our optimal distribution network gives our company the capabilities to quickly deliver your product same day or next day in rural markets. Southern California Logistics delivers world-class logistics and distribution solutions to our customers which allow them to achieve competitive advantage in their respective markets.
SCL Warehouse
Same Day & Next Day Shipping Arrows Dedicated Logistics Arrows Distribution Services Arrows Warehousing
If your business or company requires warehousing and distribution, Southern California Logistics is ready to assist you. With a combined storage area of 9,000 square feet, we can accomodate your cross docking needs, storage, and distribution. Our multiple warehouse locations, in addition to our team of drivers strategically located throughout Southern California, and diverse fleet of vehicles allow us to offer a full line of services to our customers.
Outstanding Support
With over 10 years of experience, Southern California Logistics knows what it takes to provide you with the very best customer service. We are committed to bringing you the greatest value and superb support. We are confident that our customers will continue to use our services because of our relentless committment to excellence.